Tuesday 1 December 2009

Split Ring Cross

This is a little cross I designed, consisting mainly of Split rings, hence the name.  It measures just 2 inches long, worked in Flora 20

If you are good at split rings, it is quite quick to tat.  If you are not, it is a very good way to practice them.


  1. What a darling and well-thought out little cross pattern. Brava!

  2. Hi Wendy,
    Love this tatted cross......thanks for sharing it with me

  3. Hi Wendy. Saw your comment on the tatting digest so had to check out your split cross. Very nice. I live in the US (Hawaii). Read your profile and see that we even like some of the same books. Great to meet you. Also really liked your multi color (red & white) snowflake. I have to figure out how to create a blog to share some of my things. I am andicat.hawaii on the tatting digest. See you there - or here! Andrea

  4. I can picture this with a ribbon woven through the horizontal rings down the middle--a good way to use it as a bookmark?

  5. I can see this working , Martha, you could put a picot at the top and hang it as well.

  6. yes it is a very nice cross to hang or use as a book mark

  7. Wendy, I love your cross. I am working on crosses right now for Christmas gifts. This one looks very quick. Are you sharing the pattern or how can I get a copy? I would love to try this one....Thanks and Merry Christmas.

  8. Thank you, Linda, I am working on the diagram now. It is quick, if you are good at Split rings.

  9. Wendy, thanks for the pattern. I made it up with Lizbeth thread and it made up very quickly...Fun pattern to do, thanks so much for sharing.
    Merry Christmas...
    Here's a link for you to see what I did with your pattern...Please come visit with me.


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