Saturday 22 May 2010

25 Motif Challenge

I have been so busy with other stitching recently, that I have been neglecting my 25 Motif Challenge, so here are five more motifs, to catch up a bit.  The Angel is  'Ruth's Angel'  from Mark Myers' book a 'Tatted Gathering of Angels'.  I tatted it in DMC 40.

The other motifs are from Patti Duff's book 'MiniTats'  The variegated blue ones are tatted in Coats 20. The white one is tatted in DMC 40.

Saturday 15 May 2010

Mary Little's Bonnet

At last I have finished the bonnet.

On 23rd April 1834 the Edward, a prison hulk sailed from England to Van Diemen’s Land in Australia.  It had 151 women convicts on board sentenced to transportation. 

Mary Little, one of the 25,000 women transported, was 48 and convicted in March of 1834 to 7 years.  The Edward sailed in April and arrived in September, at reputedly the worst prison in Australia.  She served 7 years and obtained a Ticket-of-Leave. in 1841

I don't know what she was convicted of, or whether she came back to England. 

This website will tell you more about the bonnets,  Roses from the Heart 

The snowflake on the back is my Clover Snowflake; the Tiny Rings I made up for the front edge and Mary Konior designed the Curds and Whey.  I used Lizbeth variegated thread, 20,

Saturday 8 May 2010

A New Toy

This is my new toy.  An electric Bobbin Winder.  If you read my Blog, you will know that I already have a Shuttle winder for post shuttles.  That of course didn't help me, when I bought a Pop-A-Bobbin shuttle.  I spotted  an advert for the Bobbin Winder on Jane's Blog.  The funny thing is, Jane hadn't seen the advert at all,  which shows you that an advert isn't an endorsement from the Blog owner, which of course we all knew.   It does sort of associate that person with the product, though.  Anyway, my daughter bought one on line for my birthday, and I am thrilled to bits with it.  It winds bobbins very quickly, and doesn't twist the thread.  This leaves more time for tatting, which must be good, right?