Saturday 27 February 2010

New Shuttle.. New Way of Tatting

This is my new Pop-A-Bobbin Shuttle that I bought from Sally at Tat's Heaven.  Made from Cherry wood, it has a pop out bobbin and hook on one end.  
You may have noticed that there are also three butterflys in the picture.  Now these may seem like simple butterflys to you, but two of them have been tatted in a different way from my usual method.  I taught myself to tat from books, a great many years ago and had never seen anyone else tat, in the flesh, so to speak.  I tat, going all around the houses with my shuttle and it is a little slow. I have watched tatters on YouTube, and noticed that they seem to, not only tat much quicker than I do but also use a 'slip and slide' method.  
With my new trusty shuttle and the help of my friend Jane, I have been learning to tat this new method, and two of the butterflys are tatted in this way... Can you tell the difference?  I can't and I tatted them!!  I need to practice more and hope to speed up but it is a good start.