Saturday 3 May 2014

Rosemarie Peel's Heart

I tatted this little heart for my daughter's birthday.  It is in Lizbeth 20.  The pattern is one of Rosemarie Peel's.  A lovely and very easy pattern to tat.  


  1. I love this pattern, and it is so cute with the little handle.

  2. Adorable heart! All your tatting is so nicely done! Love that seahorse, too! I'm also impressed that you are doing blog posts and keeping a record of your work ! I wish blogs had been around back when I was doing a lot of hobbies. I did try to take photos and keep notes, but they are scattered around and not organized! I also didn't keep detailed records of yarns, threads, needle sizes, etc.

    1. I do try and keep a record, especially when a lot of stuff is given away.


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