Thursday 1 April 2010


I have been tatting an edging, using Lizbeth no. 20. Isn't the colour lovely.  It's 'curds & Whey' by Mary Konior. It is to be sewn round a bonnet, which I will show you, when I have finished it.

I needed a fine edging for the edge of the bonnet, and made up the one at the bottom of the picture.  Now can I claim this as my own design.  It is so simple, I can't believe that no-one has done it before.  On the other hand, is it so basic that it can't be copy righted? 


  1. Wendy, they both look very nice! The one at the bottom may be simple, but it's beautiful. I've tatted a few things (earrings, doodles) but I love to see how tatting can be combined with other techniques and clothes. So...looking forward to your bonnet.
    Greetings, Marcella (from the Netherlands)

  2. thank you, Dozo, there will be more about the bonnet later

  3. Beautiful edgings! I enjoy tatting edgings, probably because I like getting into a tatting groove and the repetition of an edging allows me relax and enjoy.

    Happy Tatting Day!
    :) Ann

  4. I know exactly what you mean; when there is a complicated program on the tele, or talking to

  5. I love noth edgings....hoping to see the completed bonnet soon

  6. I'm in agreement, hoping to see the completed bonnet with this lovely tatting.

  7. Love that pink edging. Lizbeth thread comes in so many beautiful colorways.

  8. I love the Curds & Whey pattern! I am working on that with my pink thread.
    Looking forward to seeing it on the bonnet!


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