Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Secret Santa

 On the Tatting Goddess List we have a Secret Santa swap.  This is what I received from Tatskool.  Here is it when I eventually opened it on Christmas morning.  I was warned not to open it before Christmas, when I received it, as it was from Ireland and it could have been enchanted and turn to ashes in my hands...  So I waited.                                       


Imagine my joy, when I opened all the separate packages... So much...
3 pairs of gorgeously thick socks
a lovely 5 piece manicure set
a pretty
small pink rose soap
a sparkly silver candle
6 tasty pieces of chocolate, yum yum
a large silver coated chocolate euro
2 vanilla flavoured teas
Flora 20 tatting thread in a smashing dark red/maroon
a spool of silver thread Oya Dentel? something new to try
A beautiful little doily in variegated pinks and reds 

a fantastic white snowflake with silver beads   

last and best of all a new friend .......  Lorcan the Leprechaun.

He is so cute and  will definitely help me with my designing and tatting in the future.  I have seen some of his friends on other blogs, but never thought in a million years that a Leprechaun would want to come and live with me. He is meticulously dressed in yellow, red and green. A red belt with some fine green tatting tucked into it and holding a lucky euro.  He is settling in quite well and I hope, will be with me for many years to come.
ooh and I forgot... he came carrying some beautiful HDT 'rainbow bright' thread over his arm.


  1. So glad to see Lorcan settling in to his new home and ready to help. he is the last one to log in.Glad that you like it all. Hope your Christmas was a happy one and 2010 is good to you.

  2. So glad to see that Lorcan is settling in to his new home. he is the almost the last one to report in. I hope that he makes himself useful and has lots of adventures.

    Glad that you liked it all, hope that you Christmas was a good one and that 2010 is kind to you.

  3. Your Christmas present is simply gorgeous and I think I envy you a liitle seeing that gorgeous Leprechuan that Tatskool made fore you...give him a hug from me
    Joy in OZ

  4. So many wonderful items in your exchange. How is Lorcan doing? I had Tatskool a couple of years ago and received a Leprechaun too. William is my Lucky Charm!!


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