Saturday, 8 May 2010

A New Toy

This is my new toy.  An electric Bobbin Winder.  If you read my Blog, you will know that I already have a Shuttle winder for post shuttles.  That of course didn't help me, when I bought a Pop-A-Bobbin shuttle.  I spotted  an advert for the Bobbin Winder on Jane's Blog.  The funny thing is, Jane hadn't seen the advert at all,  which shows you that an advert isn't an endorsement from the Blog owner, which of course we all knew.   It does sort of associate that person with the product, though.  Anyway, my daughter bought one on line for my birthday, and I am thrilled to bits with it.  It winds bobbins very quickly, and doesn't twist the thread.  This leaves more time for tatting, which must be good, right?


  1. I bought a bobbin winder at JoAnne's after seeing one at Shuttlebirds workshop in Spokane, WA. It works great.
    As soon as I finish more of Iris's earrings I will finish tatting my 2nd Clover Doily you designed. Karen in OR


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