Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Aren't I the lucky one !!!

Tat’s All She Wrote had a Give Away to celebrate her 200th post on her blog. She had designed a charm to go on a phone or scissors.   I thought the charm was so pretty and told her so... I won it !!  After three weeks of waiting I e-mailed Marty to ask if it could have got lost in the post.  I was so disappointed but she said she would make another one and send it.  I waited another week and then we had the volcano, the skies were closed and I thought I had lost it forever.  Suddenly within a week, the first one and then the second one arrived.  I must also mention the beading needle that came with both charms, so I have 2 of  those now. They will be very useful.  Am I lucky ?? I should say so.  Thank you so much Marty for all the trouble you went to and for the needles and lovely charms. They are both so pretty and beautifully made.


  1. Thay are both gorgeous Wendy! Congratulations on winning Marty's Giveaway!!

  2. Hooray! I'm glad they both got there. Enjoy!


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