Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Sharon's Rose Mat

Now I can show you what I have been tatting for the last few weeks.  This is a design by Sharon Briggs for her new book   Marvellous Motifs.  She designed the rose and plain motif but wanted to see what they would look like as a mat.  There are nine in all.   Five of the rose, four plain. The thread I used is Flora 20 in a variegated green.   The roses are also Flora in three different gold/yellow colours.  The edging I tatted in the same colour as the basic rose.


  1. This is lovely, Wendy! Nice work! I blog hopped over from Sharon's blog.

  2. Wow! Just had to comment on this incredible mat! Talk about labor-intensive! Beautiful job, and the colors are lovely.

  3. Thanks, Kathy, it did take a few weeks to complete and now I am very good at split chains lol

  4. Fantastic work! Looks amazing large...
    Fox :)


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